The ABC’s of Choosing a Reliable Commercial Electrician

Commercial electrician at workIt can be a daunting task to choose a reliable commercial electrician today. However, with some research you will definitely find one who will meet your unique needs. There are several factors you must put into consideration in order to make the correct choice. As a word of advice, do not sign any contractual papers before you’re sure the job will be successfully completed.


What you need to consider
There are quite a number of things that you need to consider prior to hiring a commercial electrician and these include;

A-services rendered; a reliable electrician is able to offer an array of service and has skill set that guarantees excellent services, also you need to make sure they follow all of the proper OSHA electrical safety guidelines. For instance, he should be able to offer service panel upgrades, code updating and recessed lighting services. Additionally, the electrician must be well versed with exterior plug installation, security camera installation, LED lighting as well as other related services.


B- Insurance and experience; It is vital to choose an electrician who has years of experience to avoid mishaps. Importantly he should be insured with recognized firms so that nothing is left to chance. In this case, you will not need any repairs soon.


C-Tools and Equipment; it is highly recommended to contract an electrician who has the latest tools and equipment to get the job done fast and efficiently.


D-Detailed Portfolio; if you want to get everything right, then see to it that your preferred electrician has a detailed portfolio. You should take time to read it and even contact some of the referees. If he has a string of happy customers, look no further!


E-Written Quotes, pricing, and discounts; if you want to be safe then ensure that you have a written quote signed by the electrician to avoid any future legal tussles. Importantly, the pricing should be affordable and high discount rates offered. Remember, not all electrician charge exorbitant amounts of money to get a job done excellently.


What to expect from professionals
We asked a Tampa commercial electrician what to look for in a qualified professional and this was his answer ” a commercial electrician is able to handle a myriad of complex issues without any problem at all”. An experienced hand will always be able to deal with all manner of diagnosis procedures, and also work on all kinds of repairs. In fact, with experts commercial electrical improvements are done fast and efficiently. It doesn’t matter whether you need complete renovations or simple installation of lighting systems, as with expert help you can never go wrong.


If you work with professionals your safety and security are always guaranteed. This is due to the fact that all procedures are followed to the letter as per professional guidelines leaving nothing to chance. In case you are thinking of commercial specialty lighting, then do not take chance with the amateurs in the industry. Overall, experts are the best choice when it comes to commercial energy audits-and can help cut down your bills saving you lots of money in the long run.


Important note
It is indisputable that any electrical system needs regular maintenance for it to work well. A reliable commercial electrician can always help you a great deal in regard to ensuring the system works to its optimum level. Therefore, always ensure you look at the fundamentals before deciding on who you want to work with.

Professional Ceiling Fan Installation Tips & Tricks

Ceiling fan prior to being installedCeiling fan installation is not easy and thus one needs to be careful before deciding to do it personally or to seek the services of a ceiling fan installation company.Take your time,read and understand the manufacturer’s instructions.Remember, different brands have different instructions.Below is a basic outline on how you can carry out ceiling fan installation,although a manual can also help.

Where to begin.
The basic step in any ceiling installation exercise is choosing your preferred location.Just look around your ceiling and find the best possible position for your ceiling fan.Most people prefer to locate their ceiling fans at the center .However,it is also important to consider a position which will not strain your power or overload your circuit.

When this is done,you can now measure the distance between the ceiling and the floor an then subtract the vertical distance to be occupied by the ceiling fan.This way,you can be able to see where the ceiling fan reaches and if it causes any obstruction below.Remember most ceiling fans especially those with blades may cause harm to people passing around.The recommended and most applied measure is 12 inches between the ceiling and the ceiling fan.This also allows for proper air circulation.

Mounting the fan.
The process of installing a ceiling fan begins with the basic step of handling any electrical-powered device;switching off power.Before you handle anything,make sure that power is switched off at the main switch so as to avoid electrocution.

Determine your preferred position.
The next step is determining where to fix your ceiling fan.This can be done by estimation or simply running two diagonal lines along the ceiling-where they cross one another becomes the center and the best position for your ceiling fan.

Mount the junction box
Next is mounting a junction box by cutting a hole in the ceiling that befits it.Then now you can mount it to a beam.

Assembling the fan
Your ceiling fan installation process also requires you to assemble the ceiling fan,following the provided manufacturer instructions.

When you have assembled the ceiling fan,the next thing to do is to do the wiring and install the hanger pipe.Make sure that your power lines are correctly wired to avoid any leakages or short-circuiting.You are now approaching the final faces of carrying out ceiling fan installation.

Attach the fan blades
Fit the fan blades onto the unit.Make sure they fit properly and automatically into one another.If they don’t,then there’s something you missed. 
Finishing touches
The seemingly long exercise of fan ceiling installation is now coming to a close.At this juncture,you can now ground the fan electrically and then attach the ceiling fan to the joists.When all these has been done,now you can apply final touches to it.For instance you can install the molding and check out if there is any step you missed or didn’t do properly.

Ceiling fan installation is a task you can handle by your own,but it is always advisable to seek the services of qualified personnel.There are so many companies or individuals who can handle ceiling fan installation at a reasonable fee
After ceiling fan install has been done and the system is running,there is urgent need to carry out routine maintenance so as to ensure the fan runs smoothly.If any fault or damage is detected,it calls for immediate repair.How then,after ceiling fan installation do you go about repair?The following are a few tips on how to handle the problem:

Identify the problem
Before you decide to engage yourself,keenly observe your ceiling fan to know what the fault is.Maybe its a wobble that requires fixing or the screws are loose,or

Switch off power.
Just like in the ceiling fan installation process,repair also dictates that you switch off power first for obvious reasons-avoid 

Know the wires.
If the repair exercise requires electrical work,it is vital Know what each wire does in the set-up so as to avoid confusion.
Just like in ceiling fan installation,it is advisable to seek the services of an electrician to do repair for you.

Check out this helpful video on DIY ceiling fan wiring:


How to Save Money With The Home Inspection Experts

In this day and age so many things are changing. Modern technology and updates to how we are doing things are continually both saving and costing us money. So a question we get asked a lot is when you’re in the market to buy a new house what is the first thing you should look for? Who should you turn to? Well, my answer is the same every single time. The first thing you should do when you do find a home that you see fit for your family is have it inspected by a good, reputable home inspector. The home inspection process is tedious and time consuming and it is left up to licensed individuals for a reason. We recently had a chance to interview an experienced home inspector and we are going to tell you his 2 cents on the subject. First of all let us start out by saying that when you are looking for the best home inspector Huntington NY has to offer your search should begin and end with this company. There are so many different things that you need to be aware of when buying a home. The first and one of the most important things that need to be checked is how your electrical service is within the house. A few questions you need to ask yourself are is my home electrically safe and sound, is the wiring up to code and are there any faulty circuits or appliances that I might need replaced. When the home inspector is in your house ask him to double check and make sure that everything is grounded properly. Also, during your home inspection we find that it’s best if both the home inspector as well as the home owner go through the house together so that it is more of a show and tell experience for the home owner. You’re also going to want to make sure the plumbing is up to snuff sorta speak. Make sure that everything is done properly and the home inspector agrees that everything was not only done properly but that the job will last and stand the test of time. Because let’s face it, if you don’t make sure of these things now, you will be opening up your wallet to pay for them later! Anyway, these are just a few issues that will save you both time and money in the long run. We want to thank the Huntington home inspectors for sharing their advice with us and if this information was informative to you, swing by their Youtube video and give it a like or a share!



Top Renewable Energy Careers That Electricians Should Consider

Top Renewable Energy Careers That Electricians Should Consider

Compared to fossil fuel, renewable energy is responsible for creating thrice more jobs. For every one job that fossil fuel creates, renewable energy creates three more jobs. The good news is that a large chunk of these jobs is ideal for electricians. Moreover, the popularity of renewable energy stems from the fact that its investments tend to be more cost effective. For example, it’s possible for more than 300 residential homes to obtain their electricity from a single wind turbine. Proper harnessing of sunlight for just one hour would produce enough electricity to meet the global demands for energy for an entire year. What careers should electricians consider? Here at electrician Sacramento we believe our employees should constantly strive to be better and further their education and skill-set, if you are one of our electricians here in Sac or otherwise you should consider the following.


An engineering career is all about solving problems and developing new technologies or improving the old ones. Some of the branches worth considering within the engineering career include the following:

  • Electrical
  • Chemical
  • Environmental
  • Hydrological
  • Mechanical
  • Aerospace
  • Biomedical
  • Biochemical

However, where renewable energy is concerned, the Sacramento electrician should consider research and development, environmental, electrical and mechanical. Within this line of work, the electrician would be responsible for designing hydroelectric dams, wind turbines and solar cells. An electrical engineer can earn salaries that go as high as $66,000 per year, thus making this one of the most lucrative careers for electricians.


There is nothing wrong with being a farmer yet you’ve received the training and education that makes you eligible to work as an electrician. The reason the best electrician in Sacramento should consider a career in farming is the role that farmlands will play regarding renewable energy. Interestingly, it’s common to find more farmers setting aside some space on their farmlands to grow crops that are proving formidable for clothes dryers and automobiles. The ability to recycle some of the farm refuse is helpful in the field of renewable energy, which is crucial in meeting global energy requirements.

Solar Fabrication or Installation

The residential electrical contractor Sacramento should find a career in solar fabrication or installation an appealing Sacramento Electrician Troubleshootingproposition. Where renewable energy is concerned, the electrician shall discover that it’s neither the biggest nor the cheapest. It hasn’t reached the utility scale yet. It is worth mentioning that the lights needed in a residential house could soon be solar-powered, which drives the demand for the services offered by solar fabricators or installers higher. The installation and fabrication of PV-laden roofs are quite popular in sunny places like Texas, California, Florida, New Mexico and Arizona. The average annual salary is $60,000-$80,000.

Wind-Farm Developer

The renewable energy industry is growing at a rate of around 47% each year. Developing wind farms has become an important aspect of renewable energy and electricians are right at the center of this growth. Wind farms send clean power from the source to the grid. The Sacramento electrician needs to go through training that enables him develop such projects right from the ground up. A career as a wind-farm developer would be fulfilling to a contractor who shows remarkable interest in cleaning the electrical grid up. However, be ready for incredible negotiations before getting all that is required to develop wind farms.

Operating, Installing and Fabricating Wind Turbines

It’s impossible to talk about renewable energy and not mention wind turbines. Wind turbines (which include blades measuring between 30m and 60m) require regular maintenance. Installing, fabricating, maintenance and operating wind turbines forms the technical aspects regarding wind power. The pay scales in this career tend to differ depending on numerous factors. The fact that the US government has shown an insatiable enthusiasm towards renewable energy has helped push the demand for careers in maintenance, operation, installation and fabrication of wind turbines as a way of adding clean energy to the national electricity grid.

Therefore, what this shows is that there is no shortage of opportunities for the Sacramento electrician as well as the Roseville electrician who desires to delve into a career in renewable energy. The best electrician in Sacramento can now send applications for operating, installing and fabricating wind turbines. He can also submit applications for a career as a wind-farm developer. Nothing prevents the electrician from applying for a career as a solar fabricator and installer. A career in either farming or engineering would also be rewarding (financially and otherwise) for the electrician.

DIY Projects – 5 Home Improvement Tricks


Once in a while, people feel the need to change something about the place they live in. If you are one of those people, then you surely know it’s time you do something about that house of yours. There are some projects that you can do for yourself, and this is why they are called “Do It Yourself” projects, as they are easy and don’t require a lot of knowledge, but only a small budget and some skills.

After this, things will be improved for you and your place – you’ll have a new aspect and the overall feeling will be one of satisfaction for a work well done.

Painting a Wall

home-renovationThis is something that even a kid could do with the right set of tools. It’s extremely easy to paint a single wall in a room, and it also has many advantages. A new painted wall will change the air in the room, along with the aspect. If you like colors, you can do a contrast color on one wall – this way it will stand out from the others and it may become the centerpiece of the room. When you paint, make sure you cover the furniture, and when you finish – clean thoroughly the paint that has fallen on the floor.



Change the Windows

If you can afford it, change the existing old windows with brand new windows. Insulated windows are a good investment, as they will add further protection to your house. These will help in keeping the temperature constant, with less transfer of temperature from the inside to the outside environment. Even Modern house under constructionif they are a little more expensive than the regular windows, they are good looking. These windows come in different shapes, styles and colors, giving you wide options to choose from.


The Ceiling

A nice ceiling will make the room seem bigger and wider. Don’t overlook this aspect if you plan to change something to your house. There are many options to choose from, especially if you are looking for a false ceiling – this will lower a little the ceiling but it will improve the aspect with 100%.

Keep It Clean

Do you know what clutter is? Clutter is a word used to describe everything that you don’t actually need, but you still keep laying around the place. What you need to do is clean the clutter that is in you house. If you’re wondering how to do this, the answer is pretty simple – deposit the things that you know you still need occasionally and throw away the things that you haven’t used in more than 1 year. If you don’t want to throw them away, you can donate them or sell them, just don’t keep Tool_House-e1375842611515them around anymore. A clean house is a nice house, and you might discover that you have more than enough space once the house is clutter free.

Bathroom Remodeling

This is one of the easiest DIY projects that imply working with raw materials and tools. What you need to do first is think of a theme for your bathroom – choose the colors and the style that you want to have. Search in the local stores and deposits for what you need, buy all the materials and then you can start working. A simple countertop, a nice vanity, a sink and a mirror can make all the furniture of the bathroom. Choose between a tub or a shower, choose the color for the tiles and you are ready.

If you don’t know how to install everything, ask a handy man or search for instructions. These are available for anything you need on the online environment, so there is the place to start searching.

Everything presented here is easy and you can have a DIY project for each of them. If you want to have more complicated projects, give us a call at Private Equity Central and we’ll help you out!